Welcome to the universe of Viiben

Hello and welcome! 

This is the first bloggpost from me and my new funiture brand, Viiben. Which really is more of an introduction of me and the thoughts that led to founding Viiben. 

First of, me. As per today when writing this I am an 31 year old farther of two, married and living in Haugesund Norway. My two sons are the age of three (four in two weeks) and one and a half. I am educated as an industrial designer with a Masters Degree in product design. Throughout the years I have worked in a broad range of businesses spanning from heavy subsea engineering to high-end consumer product design. However when I lost my most recent job me and my lovely wife decided to give this dream of mine a shot. Make no mistake this is my dream job :) Inspired and full of confidence I started out on this lovely journey. I have no clue how it will turn out, and that is half of the reason I am doing it, I love a good challenge. After all on of my inspirations Poul Henningsen, said: Future comes by itself, progress does not. I love that, and I live by the same mantra. So here we are, I hope you enjoy my pieces, there is plenty more to come :) 

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