Model V - the first cornerstone of the essentials range

Model V is the backbone of Viiben, the very first addition to our range of furniture. This means that a lot of the features defined in Model V heavily defines the following pieces.

Model V started out life as an hideous "quick and dirty" project for my Oldest son Victor, since he liked sitting and eating his raisins of yogurt when watching the daily children tv-show at 17:30. We couldn't find some appropriate furniture for him so I decides to throw something together to see if he would be in too it. That first creation looked like this. 

He loved it, and all the kids we had visit us loved it too. So being a professional designer I immediately struggled with having made something that looked so "thrown together" so I had to make another one that could "cope with attention" so I did. And once completed I instagrammet it (since that is what ones does nowadays) the post I did quickly got some attention (relatively speaking) and I got invited to a meeting with a local business man (Yes Øivind I will call you that) he roughly said; make a business out of it, and I said something like: sound great, it fits my current life situation incredibly bad. so time went on. And here we are a couple of years later, the fit is even worse but it seems like it is now or never. So here comes Model V :) 


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