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My name is Christian Gade, founder of Viiben. I am educated as an Industrial Designer and have always loved furniture so when the opportunity came, I had no choice but to give it my best shot. My company is inspired by my two sons and their need for suitable furniture. So my goal is relatively simple, to provide other parents and their kids, in the same position as me and mine, with high quality furniture that will ease everyday life.

Kind regards // Christian Gade 


Viiben is inspired by everyday life and the small challenges the family meets throughout the day. Model v came out of a wish from Victor to have his own chair. He did, but the design of his father did not think it could "tolerate" the attention of friends and family, so I made a new and more accurate version. Model I is a chair that, in the context of giving children their "own space" now, Isac can find a puzzle himself and set himself where he wants just as he likes it. The table Model B fits both chairs and can thus function both as a workplace and as a recreational eating "setup"

Design philosophy

Simple, good materials and durable solutions. Classic colours and a minimum of ornamentation. Viiben strives for a formal language where all parts of the collection should be seen as being in family. The round hole and the soft corners go back, as well as the armrest of the Model V and the way it encloses the seat. This will go back to as many solutions as possible.

Children and furniture

Children decide for themselves when it comes to the Viiben universe, if a child is too young or for some reason are unable to sit by itself the chair or any other piece of furniture for that matter should NEVER be used to "park" the child as a sort of pacifier. The Viiben range is solely thought to the fint children that are physically able to move themselves around.



Natural quality materials, all suitable for children and good for those who have to work with them are fundamental to being able to get good solutions that apply throughout the value chain from production to recycling. And thereby life, the prices made by Viiben are designed and made to last. 

Sales and customers

Viiben sells high quality products that last for generations produced in Norway & Denmark, which means that it is not and never becomes cheap furniture. This certainly means that some customers would rather buy something else. And that's just fine with Viiben. Buy less but better things.